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  Number 1/2014

Volume 5 (2014), Nr. 1

Experimental Study Of Acoustic Barriers In Urban Environment
Tiberiu Catalina, Vlad Iordache, George Craciunescu

The influence of different flow velocities on the heat transfer inside a ventilated fašade
Monica Chereches, Nelu-Cristian Chereches, Sebastian Hudisteanu

An experimental study on convective drying of quince
Tzempelikos Dimitrios, Bardakas Achilleas, Vouros Alexandros, Tsepenekas Dionysios, Filios Andronikos, Margaris Dionissios

Conception of a simplified seated thermal manikin for CFD validation purposes
Angel Dogeanu, Bode Florin, Alexandru Iatan, Cristiana Croitoru, Ilinca Nastase

The behaviour analysis of an anaerobic sludge digester exposed on thermic action
Sorohan Lucian Valentin

The possibility of replacing solid walls with water curtain applicable to a large underground garage
Ivan Antonov, Rositsa Velichkova, Kamen Grozdanov, Ivancho Bogoev, Kiril Mavrov

Experimental and theoretical study regarding the thermal performances of the heat exchangers with steel panels and extended surfaces
Anica Ilie, Razvan Calota

Consecinte energetice ale incalzirii intermitente a cladirilor
Energetic consequences of intermittent heating of buildings
Florin Iordache, Vlad Iordache

Analiza performantei energetice a unei instalatii solare de preparare a apei calde de consum in diverse conditii de utilizare
Analysis of the energy performance of a thermal solar system for DHW production, under different operating conditions

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