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  Number 1/2015

Volume 6 (2015), Nr. 1

Preliminary study of PTC use for human body heating dissipation mannequin
Tiberiu Adrian Salaoru, Marina Andrei

Numerical study of air cooling photovoltaic panels using heat sinks
Sebastian Hudisteanu, Theodor-Dorin Mateescu, Nelu-Cristian Chereches, Catalin-George Popovici

Analysis of the Flow Structure and its Influence on the Operation of a Wastewater Pumping Station
Nicolae Ioan Alboiu, Costin Ioan Cosoiu, Anton Anton

Etude thermique d’un capteur solaire innovant à circulation d’air
Thermal study of a innvovative solar colector with air circulation
Cristiana Croitoru, Amina Meslem, Ramy Atta

Aplicarea analizei statistice multivariate pentru evaluarea parametrilor la o statie de epurare a apei
Application of multivariate statistical analysis to evaluate parameters in a wastewater treatment
Marius-Daniel Roman

Modelarea sistemelor cu purtatori multipli de energie in cladiri
Modelling of systems with multiple energy carriers in buildings
Pavel Atanasoae

Daylight in retrofiting office building design
Alexandru Mircea Iatan, Angel Madalin Dogeanu

Aiming to achieve net zero energy lighting in buildings
Fluid flow and heat transfer simulations for a box double-skin façade in Brasov, Romania
Gabriel NASTASE, Robert GAVRILIUC, Alexandru SERBAN, Ioan BOIAN

Ecoshopping: energy efficient & cost competitive retrofitting solutions for retail buildings
A. J. Lewry, E. Suttie

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