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  Number 1/2017

Volume 8 (2017), Nr. 1

Building integrated solar thermal systems presentation and zoom on the solar potential
Gilles Notton

Estimative analysis of investment payback for industrial spaces heated with radiant tubes
Adriana Tokar, Adrian Retezan, Arina Negoițescu

Instalatii de incalzire centrala. Reglajul termic calitativ centralizat
Central heating installations. Centralized quality heat setting
Prof. dr. ing. Florin Iordache

Sistem centralizat de producere si distributie a caldurii
Centralized production and distribution of heat
George-Lucian Ionescu

Estimation of indoor temperatures on condition that building envelope is damaged
Viktor Petrenko, Kostiantyn Dikarev, Al’ona Skokova, Oleksandra Kuzmenko

Analysis of rod systems under undefined load
Volchok Denys

Identificarea hidro-termica a retelelor termice
Identification of hydro-thermal heating networks
Prof. Florin Iordache

Instalatii de incalzire cu emitatoare de unde intunecoase
Heating with dark wave transmitters
George-Lucian Ionescu

Evolutia sistemelor de climatizare de tip VRF - PARTEA I - Evolutia sistemelor VRF HVAC
Evolution type VRF air conditioning systems - PARTEA I - VRF HVAC systems evolution
Drd. Ing. Catalin NEGRUTIU, Prof. Dr. Ing. Dragos HERA

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