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  Number 4/2017

Volume 8 (2017), Nr. 4

The Living Envelope of the Buildings, Between Myth and Reality
Ana-Maria Dabija

On the possibility for sea and ocean waves energy utilization by a turbine with fluctuating blades
Emanuil Agontsev, Veselin Varbanov, Rositsa Velichkova, Venelin Makakov, Milka Uzunova, Iskra Simova, Detelin Markov

Ship Squat Related Parameters Measurements On Board Training Ship Mircea
Petru Sergiu Șerban

Energy efficiency increasing through space management. Case study in an office building
Ioana Udrea, Tudor Trita, Romeo Traian Popa

Restoring the coil pipe thermal insulation layer from the defective fuel system locator. Technological conditions
Bogdan Corbescu, Dumitru Puiu, Tiberiu Gyongyosi, Valeriu Nicolae Panaitescu

Modeling of hazards in room with AB-rechargeable batteries
Rositsa Velichkova, Ivan Antonov, Milka Uzunova, Iskra Simova, Kamen Nikolov

Thermal evaluation of a perforated panel for solar collector model for air pre-heating
Mihai Mira, Cristiana V. Croitoru, Ilinca Nastase

Advanced thermal manikin with neuro-fuzzy control
Mircea Dan, Paul Danca, Ioan Ursu, Ilinca Nastase

Climatizarea la un Dispecerat al serviciilor spitalicesti din Statul Maine – SUA
Air Conditioning at a Hospital Dispatch Center in the State of Maine – USA
Ing. Ilina Matei Traian – Ilina Engineering PA – Statul Maine – SUA Ilina Mihai – Prof. Universitar

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