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  Numarul 3/2019

Volumul 10 (2019), Nr. 3

KERGRID: A Low-Carbon Footprint Building in Western France
Pierrick Mandrou,José Naveteur, David Penhouet, René Sauger, Edouard Cereuil

Replacing the existing thermo-frigo-pump (with pistons compressors) by a new thermo-frigo-pump with variable-speed screw resulted in a 50% saving of energy use!
José Naveteur

Certification Systems for Green Buildings in Romania – LEED, BREEAM, Green Homes & the importance of BIM interdisciplinary collaboration in order to achieve energy-efficient projects
Laura Amaiei,Clarissa Ivan

Development of Industry 4.0 models and their applicability for BIM
Maximilian Both,Jochen Müller, Björn Kämper

Synthesis of knowledge on utilization of adsorption filters forhealthy indoor environments
Ayse Fidan Altun, Muhsin Kilic

Some aspects of historical monument buildings central heating
Cornel Muntea

Framework for a transient energy-related occupant behaviour agent-based model
Jakub Dziedzic,Da Yan, Vojislav Novakovic

A new test room for indoor environmental quality analysis
Giulia Alessio, Angelo Zarrella ,Antonino Di Bella, Michele De Carli

A Supermarket Eco-Efficientization
Gratiela Tarlea, Valentin Draghici, Mioara Vinceriuc

LISCOOL – Smart air-conditioning with cold storage as flexibility provider for automated demand response and virtual power plant supported by cloud based system
Shuji Furui, Rui Fonseca, Ryoh Masuda, Kouichi Nakagawa, Shuuji Fujimoto, Teppei Seguchi, Takuya Nakao, Nobuki Matsui

The influence of external air supply to air-conditioning systems with fan coil units on the design set-points and the energy consumption
Aleksandra Przydróżna, Edward Przydróżny

Energy-efficient hybrid dual-duct dual-fan systems
Edward Przydróżny, Aleksandra Przydróżna

Comparative study on the electrical power consumption versus monitoring for an outdoor ice rink
Gianni Flamaropol, Grațiela Maria Țârlea, Elena Camelia Tamaş, Dragoș Hera

Evaluation of the building envelope to achieve comfort standards in an office building in Izmir
Ayse Sena Cildir, Ayca Tokuc

Eliminating the Design-Operation Energy Gap: A Case Study on Developing a University Level Course
BlakeWentz, Timothy Wentz

Relating forms and materials of traditional and contemporary building types to indoor and outdoor air temperatures for sustainable development in Okigwe, Nigeria
Marcellinus Okafor, Ikechukwu Onyegiri

Air-Water Heat-P ump with Low GWP Refrigerant
Mioara Vinceriuc, Gratiela Tarlea, Ana Patricia Tarlea

Heat recovery in ventilation systems -waste heat use or renewable energy
Claus Händel

Questionnaire’s Elaboration and application to the contribution at knowledge of certificate LEED’s application at Brazil with based on case studies.
Clélia Mendonça de Moraes

New method of increasing building efficiency
Andrei Preda, Razvan-Stefan Popescu

Andreea Irina Baran, Teodor Dorin Dumitru Mateescu, Razvan Silviu Luciu

Rehabilitation of the Utility Spaces and Boiler Room - Monnaie Royal Theatre
Laura Troi, Ioan Silviu Dobosi, Stefan Duna, Dragoș Mihăilă, Daniel Teodorescu, Alexandru Hordila

Special Engineering Techniques - Ecole Des Trèfles
Dragos Mihailă, Laura Troi, Ioan Silviu Dobosi, Stefan Duna, Daniel Teodorescu, Alexandru Hordila

Recovery of waste heat from the sewer system
Dominika Juhošová, Jana Peráčková

Mapping digital transformation in building performance assessment and management–commercial activities for the operation phase
Andrei Vladimir Lițiu,Stijn Verbeke, Jakob Hahn, Davor Stjelja, Ken Dooley, Nejc Brelih-Wasowski, Ivo Martinac,Niklas Lavesson,Jonas Gräslund, PerOlaIsaksson,David Hälleberg, Pär Carling

From Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) to Operational Energy Policies and Measures for the City of Tomorrow
Irina Rotaru, Mihai Husch

Wind energy and environment
Gabriela LUNGESCU, Raluca GHERASIM, Stefan BURCHILA, Catalin LUNGU, Viorel SERBAN

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